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advertising and salesmanship book pdf

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Personal selling is the broader concept. Along with other key marketing elements, such as pricing, advertising, product development and research, marketing channels and physical distribution, the personal selling is a means through which marketing programmes are implemented. The purpose of personal selling is to bring the right products into contact with the right customers, and make ownership transfer. The salesman of today has to react and interact in any different ways to many different people. Apart from the knowledge of the product, a salesperson has to be a psychologist with one prospect, a human computer with another, an adviser with another, and at the same time a friend with some buyers. Salespersons must adjust their personalities on every call.
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20 Differences between Advertising and Salesmanship

Effective salesmanship starts with a qualified sales manager. Ads that make direct comparisons with the competition are intended to create a preference. Updated wiring reduces fire risk or new plumbing will prevent future leaks security and protection. Not long after the marketing concept became a widely accepted approach to doingbusiness, it came ane fire?

Personal selling is an important ingredient of promotional mix, consumer does not use a simple and single evaluation process in all buying situation, price. Unfortunately. A Economics - 36 - Up loaded by Ifitkhar changazi. Present era is of large-scale production.

Salesmanship is the ability to persuade people to want the things which they advertisjng need. So, behavioristic segmentation is the segmentation of markets by grouping consumers by their purchase behavior, There Characteristics and Implication for the selling function. One of the most important tasks in advertising is planning on implementing advertisement material and reaching the audience. Consumer and industrial markets.

They are also known as Retail Salesman. They deal with saledmanship buyers. But the modern concept of salesmanship is entirely different from the old concept of salesmanship. Personal selling provides "repeat purchases ' to the company.

He is to gain the confidence of the customer. A Economics - 32 - Up loaded by Ifitkhar changazi The number of people employed in personal selling is a big one than advertising. Broader Concept: Personal selling is a broader concept than salesmanship.

The interest of the buyer are forgotten. According to J. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Many companies regard it a poor show.

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SALESMANSHIP in Hindi - Concept, Features, Advantages & Disadvantages - Sales Management - BBA/MBA

Appearance: Appearance means a lot today and the successful salesperson is neat and organised. When a newproduct adgertising introduced, prospective buyers must be informed about its existence andits benefits. They deal with regular buyers. English Choose a language for shopping. Physical Quality: A salesperson should have a good appearance and an impressive personality.

Selling is a two-way relationship. It benefits the buyer and therefore benefits the salesman himself. A salesman should have specialized knowledge of the commodity he is selling. A salesman should have a complete knowledge of the market conditions. He must be adept in the art of presentation. Advertising differs from salesmanship in many respects.


A mediocre salesmanmay affect a small part of your trade. Figure Sense: He or she should have the mathematical ability to figure and fill up order form correctly and to make the necessary reports. Therefore boo, producer must inform middlemen as well as theultimate consumer or business users about the product, wholesalers must informretailers and retailers must inform customers? Pearson Education India.

It includesmanufacturers, and sales people whenever any f them engagein efforts to inform advertisingg persuade, they learn about the needsof the consumer and work with other in the company to create greater consumervalue. He waits for an order. Sales people also represent consumer to the company. Give them enough to get action?

Advertising is concerned with all persons in general, regardless of their interest in the product advertised. They want ads distinctive in style orillustration. He waits for an order.

The best we know have been house-to-house canvassers. Marketingmanager must design the market mix that will effectively meet consumer needs andaccomplish the organizational objectives? The companies that measure the program audiences of TV and radio stations for advertises are rating advertislng. A Economics - 40 - Up loaded by Ifitkhar changazi.

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  1. The main purpose of advertising is to inform the prospective customers about the availability, quality, price etc. of .. product to us is termed as salesmanship or personal selling. .. (e) Books being sold at the annual book fair in your town.

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