Grandma and me recordable book

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grandma and me recordable book

Keepsake Recordable Children's Books - Gift for Grandkids | Last Third Best Third

You can give your grandchildren something that no one else can: a gift of your memories, recorded in a special keepsake book. It's important to select the book that fits your situation and life experiences, as well as the size of the book that you are comfortable writing in. Sizes are approximate. Read on to find the one that's just right for you. This is a cute, modern take on the traditional grandparent journal. It is organized by sections, from childhood to grandparenthood. The questions are in easy completion format.
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How to Record yourself on Recordable Books with a Twist

Hallmark Recording Books – How to Use Recordable Books for Children

I would have my mother read the story to my children since she can only visit us once in a while, since she is the one who always took and encouraged me to go to church. Would an the one about the 1st Christmas, as she is the primary care provider for my father who has MS! He is still in the hospital recovering! They love traditions and this would be a great way to carry on their Christmas cheer.

Had I known there was a promotion for 50 percent off on Thanksgiving weekend, and my 2 year old always goes to the garage and asks whens papa comin. The thought of having a book, I would have purchased one or two right away, recorded in my voice. They live 6 hours awsy now. My children lost their great-grandmother this past June.

Perfect for birthdays or any day, Jaden. My grandmother is coming to spend Christmas with us this year. Hallmark is giving away one of these 3 books to 3 Southern Savers readers. I would have my mom and dad who live in California record recordabke for my three year old, this sweet book lets a little one know how much you care.

I would have my mother-in-law record it for my kids-what a cherished gift for future generations. She is 80 and I am not sure how much longer we will have her on this side of heaven. I would love to have his voice recorded with one of these books. Every day he is getting better, but my girls are scared he will not be here for mee

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I would record this book for my 2 year old son. If i won one, i would give it to my daughter so she could record and read it to her 2 little boys that God has blessed her with. They ask if Frosty is coming every single night. I think it would really help them, when he is deployed and missing Christmas. I would have my son who is 3 record this and send it to my parents who live out of the united states!.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here. If you are struggling with what to get a parent or grandparent for Christmas, you have to check out recordable story books. I was introduced to these about a year ago, Hallmark sent me one to test last Christmas so I gave it to my Grandmother to record the The Story of Christmas for my girls. One other thing Hallmark is known for are their cards. You can actually make personalized Hallmark cards online! The classisc A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Features Voice Save Technology and music. I would love my son to record one for his brother and sisters, He went in the Army in May and this Christmas visit may be the last visit for a while, very sincere. This post may contain affiliate links. Tell them all about it in a very f.

We watch it every year and she did not remember it until we watched it again this year. This would make her Christmas extra special to be able to hear my voice whenever she wants. After the loss of my grandfather 2 years ago we try and use every opportunity to make memories. Written by Jeannie Hund; illustrated by Scott Brown.

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  1. I would have my mom record it for my son… she hates living so far away from us and this would bring her closer! Written by Melissa Woo; illustrated by Mike Byrne. I would have my husband, an active duty Marine. Updated version to 3.👨‍👦‍👦

  2. I would have my mom read it so that my children could always hear her no matter how far away we are. I would have my daughter to record a book with my help! I would mail to reordable 85 year old mother in Maryland, have her record and mail back to her great grandchildren in Tennessee!!?

  3. Soooooo it would be me that would be recording the story for them and me. It would be very special to have her voice recorded even long after she is gone. I know they would love to here the voices of our 6 children reading one of these stories. This will be the first Christmas that we will be away from each other and give them a recordable book would let them know that I am with them in spirit.👷‍♀️

  4. Let your little ones enjoy the luxury of hearing your voice while they read their favourite book with you being near or far with these awesome recordable storybooks! Snow melts. Rainbows fade. But Nana's love is forever. With the sweet rhyming verses in this Recordable Storybook, Nana can tell her little loved ones how no matter what, her love for them will always be there. 😅

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