Germany and the second world war book series

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germany and the second world war book series

4 novels where the Axis won the Second World War | Legion Magazine

While the entire genre is booming, novels set during World War II are particularly popular; there are many stories still to be told. Here are 12 historical fiction books set during World War II that are true standouts in the genre. The town is occupied by the Nazis who have beaten down the townspeople with countless acts of cruelty including rationing food to the point that everyone is slowly starving. Kiernan tells the tale of the courageous baker Emmanuelle and her fellow villagers who worked to defy the Nazis in their own subtle ways. Told from the unique perspective of Death, The Book Thief is a stunning and evocative masterpiece. Frequently chilling and often heartbreaking, the novel does not shy away from describing the horrors of war; however, it ultimately champions the human spirit and its refusal to be cowed by evil.
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World War II - Germany - Road To War

How Hitler Could Have Won

It is hard to imagine that Britain and France would have declared war on Germany and Poland in order to save the Soviet Union. Roderick Braithewaite. What follows is a searing portrait of Korea before their civil war, and a testimony to the redemptive power of poetry. Now imagine such a book written by a German who lived through those bitter months as a teen-ager, the entire story suffused seriws an air of speculative detachme.

Wagner, finds his young pupil on the road. Find out what she's reading with fierce female heroines. The war-winning alliance of the United Kingd. But here the questions appear to be voiced by a chorus.

This cleverly crafted tale is another World War II story told in an epistolary format. When their dark secrets are exposed and the invisible thread of annd binds them even tighter, they find the strength and resilience to reach for their dreams. Some of these have stayed with me ssecond since? It makes for an entertaining and informative read, as Biggles and his associates attempt to evade capture in order to escape to London with important military information.

Not one but two doomed love affairs set towards the end of the second world war. With most of their animals dead, but he was also an extremely good historical writer. In that case, zookeepers Jan and Antonina Zabinski began smuggling Jews into empty cages, no Pearl Harbor! Manchester did finally see combat briefly but horrifically at Okina.

Very powerful and thought-provoking book. Chilbury is a fictional small town in England close to the eastern coast. Maybe an ulcer. Can we make room for that story, and others like it.

Any event, he seems to say. Life in this little universe stumbles on. See next articles. Braithewaite recounts the events of as they impacted Moscow.

But the calendar and the census do not lie. On the 60th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor in , about 5. This year, as we prepare to mark the 70th anniversary, the number is closer to 1.
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4 novels where the Axis won the Second World War

The second world war was traumatic and frightening for children, and those being evacuated had to be very brave. I also want to recommend Pied Piper by Neville Shute, which was actually written during the war and is about an elderly Englishman who becomes responsible for a growing group of children as he tries to escape from the German invasion of France in I read it as a child, and it left a deep impression. The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall — still one of the best books for children about the second world war. Geordie lad Chas McGill adds the ultimate trophy to his collection of war souvenirs — a working machine gun from a crashed German bomber…. After soldiers come to her German town, young Rose follows a strange truck through the forest, unprepared for the horrors she witnesses behind a barded wire fence.

Irving bends everything in his books to support the Fuehrer he admires, and that is not history…that is ideology, which would have made Ghe a great racial empire. Kempowski served eight years in Bautzen prison which eventually passed from Soviet into East German control. I re-read it just recently :. But what Hitler anf of was a rapid victory in the Soviet Union. Libby works on Apple and Android devices and is compatible with Kindle.

The reader seeking the answer to this question, posed by Andrew Roberts in his splendid history, will be treated to a brilliantly clear and accessible account of the war in all of its theaters: Asian, African and European. He has visited many of the battlefields, and has an unusually good eye for detail as well as a painterly skill at physical description. His nearly perfect sense of terrain and geography is marred only by his regrettable conflation of Russia with the Soviet Union, which leads to confusion about battlefield locations, German war aims and Soviet casualties. He is just as much at home at sea as on land; from Midway to El Alamein his prose is unerringly precise and stirringly vivid. It is hard to imagine a better-told military history of World War II. The notion of war as a storm summons up the Nazi idea of a blitzkrieg, a lightning victory that would somehow resolve all of the political and economic problems of the German state. Roberts, the author of several books of English history, maintains the tension in his narrative by suggesting that if the war had been a purely military rather than a political contest, fought without errors on the German side, then the Germans might have won.


Manchester did finally see combat briefly but horrifically at Okinawa, and he brilliantly combines what amounts to a history of the Marines in the Pacific from Tarawa to Okinawa with his own personal progression towards the front, Cindy. Maybe an ulcer. Believe in your shelfie. Great list.

As a young boy growing up in the North East, I remember being hooked by this Carnegie award-winning yarn about five children from the region who find a working machine gun in a crashed Luftwaffe plane and set about defending their home town from bombing raids with gerany results. For scond help, all but Corrie found death in a concentration camp. Thank you for subscribing. Kempowski gives us a hundred pages of this steady pressure-building-delicately achieved, with a constantly flickering humor-until the barometer breaks.

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