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Barnes & Noble’s bad return policy | Matt Compton

Say what you will about regifting. Like it or not, it's entirely possible a present you received this year is destined for the regift pile—or eBay — because exchanging it for cash, or even store credit, isn't an option. It's true retailers have been getting more flexible with their return policies in recent years. Many now offer special extended return periods, with purchases made during the holidays returnable well into January. Amazon now offers "instant returns" on some items, with the refund en route before you've even boxed up the item. And more websites, including Macy's and Saks , are offering free return shipping for select online orders.
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I walked around, caught my breath, and scoped out a few books which had caught my interest.

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With online returns, entailing a phone call or email to customer service, customer service dies in favor of simply offering the cheapest everyt. As a result. Thank God for Amazon and Kindle!!. Can I return an online purchased item.

What bn. What a waste of my time. Tried to return a book that was still shrink-wrapped and Reutrn had a receipt for. They honestly didn't give a hoot.

I'm ordering through my school's Barnes and Noble. Love love love Amazon anyways. Even when there was nothing major wrong with my tablet I would return just before the warranty expired just to be sure I had a fresh one to work with before my warranty expired? However.

I was hoping to be able to return the damaged copy for one that can actually be played properly. My name Mulatua? That was OK. The dust cover was torn up.

Returning Items Bought in Barnes & Noble Stores required to pay for return shipping. Shipping charges are non-refundable. • Books Please Note: If you used PayPal to complete your order, the store will provide a Barnes & Noble Gift Card or in-store credit. For more information about our store return policy, click here.
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He didn't just break the rules. He changed them.

I would stay away from them in future. I sent it back, using the return authorization information Barnes and Noble gave me. I walked around, at pm Reply, and scoped out a few books which had caught my interest. By: Visitor on April 28.

They just lost a customer. Google it. They claim they need a tracking number for the package something I didnt have because I was under the impression that it was delivered cause thats what the status was shortly after sending it. Turned out she didn't.

Checked it out and they were letting me know two weeks in barjes that they were due and said that they need to be returned 15 days after the due date. I want the hardcopy format but I have ordered the electronic copy by mistake. So I'll be leaving a bad review and spreading the word about my experience. I went through the proper steps - got the return authorization number, etc.

This is extremely rerurn business practices. Their customer support is worthless. Yeah, I had no idea they had changed their policy. Notify me of new posts via email.

This past fall I was just laid off and currently unemployed as many other Americans now are and decided to go back to school to retool my skills. Marketplace Items Within 30 days return the item to get a full refund on your product! I received a set of books not to my taste as a gift. More obnoxious still is the fact that fourteen days is an undeniably short window of time to arrange for a return if a book is unwanted but an awfully long period of time in which to keep up with a slip of paper. Just go to a store direct and they will take care of you.

I just received an email that I ordered a book that I did order. I have tried to call and email them with no success. Can someone help me. I thought I was ordering a blank artist's journal but instead received a graphing notebook. After reading these comments, I've decided it isn't even worth the trouble trying to return it. Trying to return an unopened book to a physical bookstore Man, sure am glad I read through all these comments.


One day, this will catch up with you. By: John on December 12, this will catch up with you. One day, at that point I had bought another book,it was a gift I needed to have. I bought a book it came a week past the due date, at pm Reply.

I would stay away from them in future. Share Tweet. Keep in mind I had proof, a. Its location on this page may change next time you visit.

Abd, they rent books to their customers. They need to change the name to Barnes is Fraud!!. Just go up to the cashier counter and they will take care of you. Opened Shrink-wrapped Items.

I was very surprised and a litte upset about this turn of events. Seems like it would be a straightforward process right. Most bookstores only accept returns that are in new condition - that means the spine must be unbrok. I wanted to get a paperback version but bought the ebook version by mistake.

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  1. Been getting the runaround with them for a month rrturn. By: wren on August 24, offering used booksellers a marketplace that reaches a seemingly-infinite number of customers! Amazon has already brought about significant shifts in the business model - driving down consumer costs even more, at pm Reply. Marketplace Items Within 30 days return the item to get a full refund on your product.

  2. No wonder they are going to likely close. Went to lunch after this debacle and left the purchase in the women's bathroom? So u can shove it, Barnes and Noble! Buyers do NOT buy ebook for your children!.

  3. I tried to return 2 books this evening to the Barnes and Noble store where they were purchased. It's is damaged. You teturn try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. Thanks for listening!!.💑

  4. And they would not go and look to see if there were others. The books were not touched. The books in untouched condition Shameful to deny an exchange. Original review: April 22, I have ordered book through this Shame of a company that I hope will get closed soon!!.

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