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On the back of the success of brestfeeding support and as many of us have started or are approaching weaning I thought I would start a thread where people can come and ask questions, share ideas and get information about weaning. For those starting out I can really recommend the free Cow and Gate weaning guide as a useful tool. I also like the book Weaning made easy by Rana Conway and the Heinz little recipe book has been really useful, Caitlin has liked all the recipes I made from that since it came through the post. She's been teething a while, some days worse than others, but it's never really stopped her eating, she's always been a guzzler up until a few weeks back. It's like she's bored of milk. Surely rusks aren't that bad! As a teacher I see horrendous packed lunches, energy drinks, whole packets of biscuits and family bars of chocolate.
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For those starting out I gook really recommend the free Cow and Gate weaning guide as a useful tool. This thread is napping! I had the ellas kitchen chart and stickers for my first and found it helpful. There are many ways to go about transitioning your child from exclusively milk to a mixed diet, below are some recommendations of resources you may like to read for both traditional weaning TW and baby led weaning BLW.

How age affects fertility See all in Getting Pregnant. Annabel Karmel is a popular influencer in this space and has many apps and books available. I started weaning at around 21 weeks. Just take it very slowly incase it affects her reflux?

I use annabelle karmel food cube trays which are brilliant. As opposed to any non-food items which of course go straight in his mouth. Harris77 said:. You are right Ellie i used to teach and some of the lunchboxes were rubbish.

Posted 25th Jan Posted 25th Jan With regards to sleeping I feel the same as he will be going through the 8 month sleep regression soon so no point in trying to sleep train It is exciting and scary at the same time, a couple of times LO has started gagging with eyes watering and I've thought omg do I slap him on the back, she's always been a guzzler up until a few weeks back. The key is to start baby on foods that have a low sugar content. She's been teething a w.

We were sent ours last week. It's good for a freebie, nicely laid out with some solid ideas. They obviously plug the cow and gate stuff but there's lots of other stuff in there too.
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Some things make sense and others don't. Porridge for breakfast, oh yummy!. Does it cost any extra to post to Northern Ireland from England. I received the weaninh even when I was weaning my baby.

Can you email them. Just sign up to their Baby Club and get a free cuddly cow. You go through all the drama and screaming and then something happens - they get ill, they are teething.

But I have spoken to many medical professionals, parents who have weaned or will start weaning soon, and read many books on subject. This is when a baby moves from drinking solely milk formula or breast to eating solid food. It lays the foundation for baby to be able to eat solid food by helping baby understand the grasping of food via hand or spoon , swallowing and chewing processes. This is the controversial bit. Different influencers and advisors have different opinions ranging from:. Baby has to be able to sit up first to support digestion of their food before you start weaning. This is usually at the 26 week or 6 month mark.


Dads don't get involved. I thought it meant you gaet the pregnancy guides only if you join before 30 weeks but you would still get the toy after 30 weeks. This product is displayed based on comments within this post. Deal Alerts.

Preschooler Top sleep tips for children How kids learn to share Coping with aggression Bedtime battles When your child won't stay in bed Anxiety in children Night terrors Dealing with public tantrums See all in Preschooler. I mix it with a little formula to make it smoother and sweeter but no luck. Weanint why they dont reccomend giving sweet food like fruit and junk food like rusks until weaning is established, as it encourages a sweet tooth and fussyness. Find out gatte about Christina's work with Netmums.

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