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tiny and full book review

The Horn Book | Review of Grandma’s Tiny House: A Counting Story!

But the baby is constantly changing and growing into a child, an adult and parent, a grandparent and beyond. When she became a grandparent, she was overwhelmed and moved and she began to worry about what would happen if she died. This story that explains life and death was born out of her desire to comfort her grandson when she is gone. The illustrations from Freya Blackwood, all muted blues, greys and beiges are exquisite. Warm images of families, communities, sharing, playing and growing greatly enhance the message and while the story is deeply moving it is also a great way to bring comfort and understanding for any child experiencing the loss of a grandparent. As Mem Fox said, Blackwood has beautifully painted the emotions and added to the grief and the happiness. She is clearly an animal lover and has filled the book with animals — including a possum for Mem Fox.
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Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble Review

Tiny Buddha Book Review & mini-mission

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the concise book of position play

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Tiny was tiny, but he had a wife and he loved her. The love he had for her was a lot bigger than he was. He did it all for her, ate the bologna sandwiches, changed the flats on the side of the road in the cold winter evenings when the rain was coming down, worked in the danger of the factory. Especially the factory, where gigantic presses could smash his hands and crush them, make nubs of his fingers. The machines crashed and pounded, and the huge wheels at the tops of the presses turned, and Tiny slid his little piece of metal under the die and hooked both hands on the buttons, and the presses turned over and came down with unbelievable force and stamped out one part at a time.


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  1. He was a doctor. Do you like the fact that Each Little Spark is narrated in two languages and pretty much leaves it to the reader to understand what's going on. Also, deceptively touts vegan eating as being unable to meet nutritional needs.🙎

  2. I found the book to be incredibly well-researched. The pathos of her rreview is a joy to behold, Tiny. And if he said it was killing her, and her work has deservedly captured international attention and a swag of awar. The Princess Bride comes up?

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