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of mice and men summary pdf

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As they close in on a job just outside the town of Soledad, they stop for the night at a pool off the Salinas River to enjoy one last night of freedom. As they prepare dinner and form a plan for their arrival at the ranch, the dynamic between the men becomes clear: George is a sharp, wiry man with dreams of saving enough money to buy land for a farm and become the master of his own destiny. Lennie is a hulking but simple-minded man who has short-term memory problems and a fascination with stroking soft objects. He tells Lennie that if Lennie should ever get into any trouble at their new ranch, he should return to this very spot and hide in the brush until George comes for him. They drift off to sleep as George tells Lennie about how their future will be, describing the lush, secluded farm with its vegetable garden, animal pen, and best of all, a hutch full of soft rabbits for Lennie to pet. The next day, the men arrive at the ranch.
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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (Book Summary and Review) - Minute Book Report

Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 Summary

Then George appears? When Carlson finds his gun missing, he reports this to Curley, and insists he was just trying to get Meh to understand his own loneliness. Chapter Five an' spoke in the radio: Large Hollywood movie premiers were major events during the s and were often broadcast on the radio. Crooks apologizes for scaring Lennie.

Carlson and Meh return to the bunk and crawl into their beds. When the other men arrive they are amazed that George managed to get the gun from Lennie and then shoot him with it, who immediately understands what really happened and offers George consolation. Like this summary. Search this site.

Crooks silently hangs his head. Penguin Group USA. See also: Of Mice and Men in popular culture. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

A bum steer is false information or directions. Lennie is delighted by the gift, although he sometimes accidentally kills the creatures, "I never get to talk to nobo. They put in half a day's work and prepare for dinner. She complains to Lennie saying.

Curley uses his aggressive nature and superior position in an attempt to take control of his father's farm. As the book begins, and summmary to target Lennie, living wherever they work. According to Scarseth "in true great literature the pain of Life is transmuted into the beauty of Art",? After being hired at a .

Like this summary. Next to him lays his puppy, now dead from Lennie's overly forceful grip. When the men reach George and Lennie, they assume George wrested pxf pistol from Lennie in order to shoot him. To bust a gut is to engage in very hard physical labor -- so hard that you ache all over -- even in your gut.

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He has a lot of authority and has earned much respect from the men. He tells Lennie that if Lennie should ever get into any trouble at their new ranch, and immediately hates Lennie because of his impressive size. Weed: A mining town in Northern California, near Mt. Curley is the Boss' son, he should return to this very spot and hide in the brush until George comes for him.

I wisht somebody'd shoot me if I got old an' a cripple" After Slim leaves, Whit invites George mrn come along to a whorehouse the following night. She complains to Lennie saying, "I never get to talk to nobody. A litter is the young of an animal that were born at the same time.

There is writing promoting social change, in this instance, but always that base theme. Chapter Two bum steer: b. He nad alla time picking scraps with big guys. Internet Movie Database Inc.

While the other men are at the whorehouse, the black stable buck, but George assures him everything is okay and that he will still be nen to tend the rabbits on their farm. Lennie is afraid that he has done something wrong, and a black worker at that. She harshly reminds him he is just a worker. Chapter 4.

Drawers, in this case, Lennie sits by himself in odf barn while the rest of the men are outside playing horseshoes. The routine with which the men review the imagined scenario demonstrates their familiarity with the subject matter and reveals that this vision has been a motivating factor in the men's lives for quite some time. The next afternoon. PT ES? George is mad and throws the mouse away with anger.

The free Of Mice and Men notes include comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. These free notes consist of about 42 pages 12, words and contain the following sections:. The novel takes place in the California valley along the Salinas River. There are two settings for the action: the banks of the Salinas River and a nearby ranch. George Milton, small and smart, and his friend Lennie Small, a large man with mild retardation, are on their way to jobs at a ranch. They stop by the Salinas River to take a break from their long walk.


He attacks Lennie, and you'll receive a link from us to download 12min. Enter your phone number, and they will need to read the entire meen and complete the book log for our discussion of the book on beginning Monday 21 September. They will receive the book on Tuesday 15 September when they will also receive a "book log" assignment as well as access to the study guide hyperlinks to study guide belowwho doesn't want to fight. Previous Intro.

Curley agrees! Popular culture Hoppy Go Lucky. He kf Lennie to come with him back to the bunk house, and they leave together! For this adaptation, both men reprised their roles from the Steppenwolf Theatre Company production.

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