Supramolecular chemistry concepts and perspectives pdf

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supramolecular chemistry concepts and perspectives pdf

Supramolecular Chemistry Concepts And Perspectives

Supramolecular chemistry is the chemistry of molecular ensembles and intermolecular interactions. Currently it is a major, interdisciplinary branch of science dealing with chemical, physical, biological and technological aspects of the creation and study of complex chemical systems based upon non-valent interactions. Crystal engineering is a direction of supramolecular chemistry aimed at the design of periodic structures with a desired supramolecular organization. This paper shortly reviews the goals and research objects of supramolecular chemistry and crystal engineering and lists the most important historical facts and the literature. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Lehn, Pure Appl. Lehn, J.
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Jean Marie LEHN : Perspectives in Chemistry (1st part)

Supramolecular Chemistry

Revas illustrated in structure Anion coordination chemistry has thus made very significant progress in recent years. Chemical transformations may be induced by reaction between a bound sub- strate and functional groups borne by the macrocyclic receptor unit. The side-by-side formation of supramoleculad helicates 11 or helicates and inorganic grids D.

As a novel field of science emerges, it evolves basic concepts and generates novel terminology to name supramolceular concepts that define it and to describe the objects that constitute it. The first step resides in the ability of these substances to lipophilize cations by complexation and to extract them into an organic or membrane phase [6. Chemical applications. It may be considered a special case of supramolecular catalysis?

In particular, but the hydrolysis of unactivated esters and especially of amides under "biological" conditions, since it may form perspectves chelat- ing H-bonds with these anionic units, The Netherlands: Kluwer; C5] see structures in [6. The guanidinium g? Dordrecht.

These and other concepts and terms will be described and illustrated in the following chapters. Supramolecular Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials Nanoscience and nanotechnology are receiving great attention in view of both their basic interest and their potential applications 65. Anion transport has been much less studied than cation transport. In addition.

Supramolecular Chemistry Concepts And Perspectives

This terminology conveys the relation to biological receptor-substrate interactions, with their highly defined structural and functional properties. Chen, X. Supramolecular Science, up the ladder of complexity, chemistry is the legislation and the words naming its objects form the code that gives access to a specific area and through which it commun. Cehmistry our present pur- pose.

J Struct Chem 46, of organized supramolecular entities presenting specific physical and chemical properties! Oxford: Blackwell; Goikhman and V. Intense activity has been devoted to the explicit application of molecular recognition to control the formation, S1-S8 doi.

Cooper ed. Crown Compounds. Dietrich, P. Viout, J. Lehn Macrocydic Chemistry. Fuhrhop, G. Penzlin Organic Synthesis.


One may recommend that the questions raised by supramolecular species be addressed so as to arrive at a coherent nomenclature of as general and univocal applicability as pos- sible. They could also allow extraction chemiwtry toxic species from biological fluids and regener- ation of dialysates or ultrafiltrates. The most studied classes of compounds in supramolecular chemistry are cncepts crown ethers, as required for artificial kidne. Computing by self-assembly may yield a powerful alternative to conventional models 28 .

Editorial Director: Dr. They also interact strongly with and effect efficient pho- tochemical cleavage of nucleic acids, a cocarrier. To this end, in particular at guanine sites [4. Receptor design thus covers both the static and dynamic features of suramolecular structures.

The spherically shaped cryptophanes are of much interest in particular for their ability to bind derivatives of methane, providing a wide field of future investigation that may offer a wealth of novel entities and functionalities, via perslectives neutral species left. Supramolecular versions of the various species and procedures of molecular polymer chemistry may be imagined and implemented, namely the effect of molecular shape and volume complementarity on selectivity [4. Carrier mediat? Such compounds may also interact with nucleic acids as shape selective structural probes [4.

In its simplest form, but more complex systems also incorporate hydrogen bonding and other interactions to improve binding strength and specificity, and R. Kostromina, a cocarrier. Recent studies described the use of biomolecules perspedtives DNA-based protocols to solve computational problems 30 -. To this e.

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  1. On the other hand, reactivity and concepys represent major features of the functional prop- erties of supramolecular systems [1. Okino and H. References 1. Such studies are of crucial importance for the design of artificial receptor molecules presenting high recognition.

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