Make and let exercises pdf

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make and let exercises pdf

Let or Make-English

Put in 'let' or 'make' in the correct form. Check Show Answer 2 The teacher doesn't her students use their mobile phones in class.. Check Show Answer 3 Julie's father doesn't her use his car.. Check Show Answer 4 The professor often the students do a lot of homework.. Check Show Answer 5 The policeman the teenagers pick up the litter they had dropped..
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Verb TO BE exercises at very simple level

Choose 'let' or 'make' and put it into the correct form: 1. John's mother used Doing a lot of exercise ______ me eat as many cakes as I like! The boss often​.

Make let allow exercises

But after days of nagging, she finally him to go see the new production of La Boheme. Examples: Wait. John Clifford Mantos. Blog Give yourself a pat on the back.

Did you find this document useful? Flag for inappropriate content. Adverbs as short responses definitelyhooray Intonation Just Kind of and sort of Oh Pronunciation Question: follow-up questions Questions: echo and checking questions Questions: short forms So: other uses in speaking Substitution Tags Yes. Come here.

Adjectives Adjectives: forms Adjectives: order Adverbs Adverbs and adverb phrases: position Adverbs and adverb phrases: typical errors Adverbs: forms Adverbs: functions Adverbs: types. Examples: Let's get started, still or yet. Read Free For 30 Days. Alreadyshall we.

Been or gone? See also: Allow. Affect or effect. Efficient or effective.

For the negative we put not before the imperative. Check Show Answer 20 The professor us hand in our essays a day late last term. Present perfect: typical errors Present simple I work Present simple or present continuous.

Let us remember all those who have died in this terrible conflict. Image credits. Classic or classical. Alisa Simmons.

We use let to talk about permission. Let is followed by an object and an infinitive without to :. Let us is the first person plural imperative, which we only use in very formal situations.
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Worksheets - pdf exercises

Grammar Practice - English Course Online 26 - Make Or Do Exercises Pdf

Verb Patterns: infinitives and gerunds tepesa Verbs followed by gerunds and infinitives StephanieT Gerunds and infinitves 2 StephanieT Gerunds and Infinitives paticita Discover all them in liveworksheets. Cho ose the correct option. My parents me do my homework every day. My parents me go out at the weekends with my friends. The doctor me do some blood tests. My boss me work from home so I can look after my children. My boss me work overtime at the weekends.


Learn for free Offers Suggestions. Arise or rise. New Words tree-trimming party.

Let there be no doubt about it. Any more or anymore. We can sell them. My boss me get him coffee, pick up his dry cleaning and buy presents for his wife.

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  1. Diane thinks television is a waste of time, so she won't her children watch TV. The language of praising. But after days of nagging, she finally him to go see the new production of La Boheme. Asbecause or since.❣

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