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man woman and child erich segal pdf

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Man, Woman and Child, three basic names that constitute a family, a separate universe. Title of a novel that left me spellbound and yet aware to search the fine threads that weave intricate patterns of relationships. Erich Segal is in my humble opinion a brilliant writer, his basic storylines are the pillars upon which the structure of magical words are built. But Robert and Sheila Beckwith are characters that remain alive in my mind having tried to seek semblance between their personas and those of couples around me. The story is painted against the backdrop of a twenty year old almost perfect marriage. A union where the man and woman are equal partners held together with the glue of love and how the memory of a past indiscretion comes to damage it all, in the form of a nine year old boy.
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Man, Woman and Child is a novel by Erich Segal. Robert is contacted one day by a friend in France, who tells him that Nicole, a woman with whom Robert had had an affair years ago, has died - and Jean-Claude, the son Robert never knew he had, is now an orphan. That evening, Robert explains the situation to his wife, Sheila, and they agree to take in Jean-Claude for the summer holidays; however, they also agree to keep Jean-Claude's true identity a secret. Later that summer, Sheila, chief editor of the Harvard University Press, is, encouraged by her best friend Margo, tempted by the possibility of an affair with a British professor whose book she has been editing. They refuse to speak to their father. As Robert Beckwith is bringing Jean-Claude to the airport to return to France, the boy suddenly falls ill and is hospitalized. After surgery, during which the Beckwiths become closer again, Jean-Claude makes a full recovery.


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