Facts about kerala psc questions and answers pdf

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facts about kerala psc questions and answers pdf

Kerala PSC questions in Malayalam: Facts about Kerala, GK Quiz, Information | Kerala, Facts, Study

Where is the highest battle field in the world? Which period is known as a plan holiday in Indian history? Answer: 3. Which was the first bank to introduce ATM in India? Answer: HSBC 4. First development bank in India? Regional rural bank were started in the year?
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Kerala PSC -- Repeated questions -- Kerala facts

Kerala PSC Facts About Kerala Questions and Answers. View Questions and answers for Kerala PSC Exams, UPSC Exams, IBPS Exams, LGS Exams LDC.

Kerala State Quiz

Important natural source of vitamin D! Which is the only known Namboothiri Kingdom of Kerala. Malayalam Frequently asked questions on dams and rivers. Ashna Shaji is teaching live on Unacademy Plus Learn more.

Panchayat Raj was first implemented in which state? Binosh 7 November at. Achudhanandan D C. A path 5 m wide is to be built outside around it.

Kerala Agriculture University 9. Notify of. Copying contents of this blog is not permitted without prior written permission of its owner. Who is the author of the book prabhdha kerala!

Sex ratio of kerala 4. The ministry of which state was dissolved by imposing Article of the Constitution for the first time in India? Ans: Neelakurinji. Ashna Shaji is teaching live on Unacademy Plus Learn more.

In which script was the Malayalam language first written. Malayalam University, Malappuram 5? Lakes. Ans: Ramanattom.

Andhra Pradesh! Ans: IT companies Online Test. Ans: Kochi.

kerala psc special

Useful information about kerala. Post a Comment. Ans: Ans: Kochi. In which year was the Kudumbasree programme inaugurated? Ans: K R Narayanan. Who was the first Malayali to be appear in the postal stamp?

A legislative capital is the one where the state assemblyconvenes. Ans: Ramanattom. Kerala Highway Research Questilns is situated at:. First development bank in India. Register Now to benefit from our unlimited fresher focussed services.

Here is the model questions for University Assistant examination of with answers. Kerala University 2. Kannur University 3. Malayalam University, Malappuram 5. University 7. Sree Sankaracharya University 8. Kerala Agriculture University 9.


Hii 26 January at. First private sector hydro electric project-Maniyar Pathanamthitta What is known in the scientific name strobilanthes kunthiyana. Answer: HSBC 7.

Which is the oldest river boat fiesta in Kerala. Ans: Kallada Kollam. Official fruit - Jack fruit In which year was the first Kerala ministry dismissed and President's rule imposed.

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  1. Ans: Laurie Baker. There are 29 states and seven unionterritories in the country. The headquarters of Malabar district during the British regime:. Athirappilly and Vazhachal waterfalls are situated on which river.💚

  2. Ans: Kallada Kollam. Get in Touch with us. Kerala University 2. More lessons will be added soon.

  3. The river of Kerala in which large number of dams are constructed. Leave a comment. Ans: Sardar K M Panicker. Sree November 27, at AM.

  4. Malayalam Model questions papers on civil police officer. Find the cost price. Hindustan Insecticide factory is at:. Arunachal Pradesh.👄

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