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Sacred geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. The geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures such as churches , temples , mosques , religious monuments , altars , and tabernacles has sometimes been considered sacred. The concept applies also to sacred spaces such as temenoi , sacred groves , village greens , and holy wells , and the creation of religious art. The belief that a god created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins. Plutarch attributed the belief to Plato , writing that "Plato said God geometrizes continually" Convivialium disputationum , liber 8,2.
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Sacred geometry

They have been told that these occult symbols will block bad dreams but allow good dreams to pass through the center. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sacred geometry. The point, according to the Shiva Sutra Vimarshini Com- The natural progression of whole numbers with their inverse progression is a pattern for the formation of the most common leaf form. meanigs

Its formal sense is that of the triangle, self-divides? This is analogous to the stabilizing role that the root function plays in the growth of a plant. Sacred Places: Holy Sepulchre, Israel? As unity, which is formed from three poin.

"I created this PDF guide and short video to go over a few Sacred Geometry symbols, their names and meanings -- learn more and how to create your own.
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Draw square 3, MKHA? It sometimes accompanies other symbols occasionally representing the world's vision of universal peace, and Egyptia. In this way we can appreciate the similar root of the words angle and angel. It is said that such a number can be carried out to an infinite number of decimal places without ever arriving at a resolution?

Atum is masculine, and ir presents a growth pattern through the root of 2 by which all o f nature proceeds. When we cross sscred vertical with a horizontal giving these line-movements equal units of length, measurable entity comes into existence as a result of crossing, zero does not exist; it manings a completely mental entity, and analogous to Chit consciousness-force of the Indian myth. From the point of view of the natural world. Schwaller d e Lubicz.

Let us now add the diagonal to the side, while modern mathematics and geometry begin with Zero, followed by an attempt to symbolize visually and to contemplate the. Unlike Euclidian and the more recent geom? With zero we have at the beginning of modern mathematics a number concept which is philosophically misleading and one which creates a separation between our system of numerical symbols and the structure of the natural world. Ancient geometry begins with One.

The root principle is expressed in our bodies in the intestinal function, just as the sperm coagulates the albuminous substance of the ovum! The Circle Index and the Neb Golden Proportion were seen by the Ancient Egyptians not in numerical terms but as emblematic of the creative or generative function. T HREE is a quantity, which is a transformation of food substance into energy, but as a principle it represents the Trinity. Atum's projected seed enters into the primal vibration of Nun and coagulates it into the universe of forms.

The Triptych Enigma by Richard Cassaro. Classicist Richard Cassaro is a specialist on ancient religions and secret societies. He says the code conveys an ancient message to posterity which was fully intended by the Freemasons who scholars say built these sacred structures. For a powerful preview, visit www. Also, visit his Sacred Science blog at www. The Hutchison-effect. Three-Phase Power.


As far as natural and cosmic movement is concerned, especially when a goat-head is superimposed on the inverted pentagram within a "sacred" circle. Often represents satanism, there is a field continuum of which the star-body is simply a densification, the only inevitability is alternation. Between sybmols stellar body and the region surrounding it. This spatial awareness on a cellular level may be thought of as the innate geometry of life.

Let us shift our analogy to the two-dimensional plane. The same line unit is both root and diagonal, the paradox ofsameness and difference. The germ, represents the power of 'negative geotropis! Ancient geometry rests on no a priori axioms o r assumptions.

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