Lock and key by sarah dessen pdf

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lock and key by sarah dessen pdf

Lock and Key Summary & Study Guide

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Lock and Key is a novel written by author Sarah Dessen.

Lock and Key

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When Ruby is five, her father leaves and her mother, suffering from alcoholism, a lack of self-esteem, and abandonment issues, begins a series of dead-end jobs, erratic moves, and abuse. Ruby's sister Cora stands between Ruby and her mother, literally, for the next two years until Cora turns eighteen and goes away to college. She initially calls but the girls soon lose touch. A series of erratic moves and a number of sub-standard rent houses along with her mother's abusive behavior becomes the core of Ruby's life for the next years. Then, just six months short of her eighteenth birthday, Ruby's mother disappears. She holds her life together for a short time but her landlord discovers that her mother is missing and child services steps in, sending Ruby to live with Cora and her husband, dot-com millionaire Jamie Hunter. Jamie grew up with the idyllic life of a close-knit family and traditional holidays and he wants to share that with Cora and Ruby.


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  1. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. CHAPTER ONE. “And finally,” Jamie said as he pushed the door open, “we come to the main event. Your room.” I was braced.

  2. Lock and Key. Home · Lock and Key Author: Sarah Dessen. downloads Views Recommend Documents. The Key-Lock Man · The Key-Lock Man​.

  3. Nyeri Dada dalam Kehamilan. After her drug and alcohol addicted mother abandons her, child services forces year-old Ruby Cooper to move in with her sister, Cora. After her drug and alcohol addicted mother abandons. Kami menggunakan cookie untuk menyempurnakan oock serta menampilkan iklan sesuai kebutuhan Anda.

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