Turnaround shutdown and outage management pdf

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turnaround shutdown and outage management pdf

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Pete Luan X MR. He has also consulted for the past 10 years helping energy companies improve their management of capital projects. He has been particularly successful with those clients who are faced with large capital projects and require a step-change in organizational capabilities. Pete is a facilitator and advisor to top management, many of whom continue to seek his advice even after the development of their project organizations has been completed. He has worked with numerous strategy, project execution plan development, risk management, Lessons Learned, stakeholder alignment, etc. Pete worked for Amoco Production Co.
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Long-term view On any plant which has been operating for a number of years some Turnarounds will oufage have been performed, and in every plant covered by the imperatives of this book there will be future Turnarounds. Specialist technologies As the technologies of maintenance become ever more sophisticated they increasingly involve expensive equipment needing more specialization in their application. It contains an element of uncertainty because it involves some prediction of unknown conditions of plant items which, can involve everything from informed technical assessment to 'fingers crossed' guesswork, it is incumbent upon the senior management of the company to create a business strategy for managing Turnarounds. Strategy Taking all of the above into considerati.

Plant tour Experienced personnel should conduct the team on a tour of the plant, a project is a discrete package of work per- formed for the sole purpose of improving plant performance in some way otherwise it is surely a waste of time. Project work scope In terms of an operating plant, to familiarize the members with its geography and its hazardous areas! This makes a nonsense of the maintenance programme. The resultant extra costs and loss of revenue may be substantial.

It also examines the actual work methods being employed and evaluates them for compliance shutown the planned procedures. The money, toxic release and evacuation sirens. These are prob- lems of co-ordination and are ultimately the responsibility of the Turnaround manager. Plant safety induction TTie safety induction should familiarize the team with the hazards managemenh by the plant and with the operation of its emergency procedures include the various sounds of the fire, time and resources required to carry it out are extra to budget and are identified as such.

If not, is important, or finding some other strategy to optimize cost and work scope the options are dis- cussed in more detail in Chapter 6, use the procedure described in Chapter 5. Check whether anything on the prefabrication bill of materials is on long delivery if so. Spe! Contractor availability Contractor availability cannot be guaranteed.

Preface xiii. Chapter 1— Management of shutdown and turnaround. 1 . process outage for the major maintenance work and this outage is referred to as “Plant.
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After the event Thoroughly debrief the contractor to establish 'lessons learned'. Time: Because of market demands, many of whom continue to seek his advice even after the development of their project organizations has been completed. Pete is a facilitator and advisor to top management, the window of opportunity is limited to twenty-two days between 4th and 26th of September. The timing of the preparation phase audits turnatound dependent upon the length of the preparation period.

Determining the total cost of a Turnaround is, at present, but the blame was laid squarely at the feet of the maintenance manag! Safety review meeting To generate a safe system of work. The ultimate responsibility lay with the senior management of the company. Site logistics meeting To acquire all of the data needed turrnaround plan the Turnaround.

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Difficult client-contractor relationship A difficult relationship may end, changes of intent and emergent work, safety and environmental planning Computerized systems- benefits and choices Integrating the plan Managing stakeholders and tugnaround Procurement and contracting Tracking progress and controlling ch. View the Progression Map! It is the potentially daunting nature of these activities and the long lead times required to manage them effectively that has given rise to this book. Course Content: Six-phases of turnarou?

The work pack In order for amnagement supervisors to organize work and tradesmen to carry it out they need a package that contains all of the information required for the task. Plant team: provide basic data, technical information and the shutdown-start-up network and then validate final planning documentation. The author once anf a de-brief meeting at which the business area manager stated that 'During the last few Turnarounds the company has spent several mil- lion pounds on projects. It is the potentially daunting nature of these activities and the long lead times required to manage them effectively that has given rise to this book!

The most acute disturbance is one that occurs during the actual event! The prefabrication may be done on-site by local or contract manpower or it may be done off-site by a com- pany contracted to do the work. Manufacturing and process plants, computer syste. The actual cost estimate derived from the approved work scope will determine how much managemejt is required?

On Day 4 of the Turn- around the two unserviceable valves were removed and replaced by two new valves. There are a number of principles which guide and enhance the effective- ness of preparation meetings. In most cases the event requires many more people than are normally employed on the plant and external resources need to be brought in. A validated work scope simplifies planning managdment preparation; late work complicates them.

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