Best way to sell your books

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best way to sell your books

5 of the Best Places to Make Money Selling Used Books Online

Books give you knowledge. But besides the few favorites that you love and perhaps go back to from time to time, the rest of these books are just gathering dust. There are tons of places on the internet where you can sell those paperbacks and hardbacks that you no longer read. You might be wondering if you can get more money if you sell your old books in person, or in a local store. They make it so easy to get cash for your used books! Below, we list the top book buyback websites and online marketplaces where you can sell used books. Our list mostly includes buyback websites, because there are more of them out there than online marketplaces that cater to books.
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Published 01.05.2019

Can You Sell Unwanted Books Online?

The Best Place to Sell Books

If you're selling a printed book, then BookScouter searches over 40 different buyer sites to find the ones that will pay the highest amount for your book. You simply enter the ISBN of the book, never fear. Social media is more powerful than you could ever imagine. And then there is the cost to ship the actual item.

Is there a list of Amazon warehouses cities where the books will bookks stored. I use Chegg and Valore Books as well and think they are pretty good. Good luck. I am unable to find these answers, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Closet getting too crowded. Amazon Amazon is the market leader in textbooks and one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. Greetings from India!! Once you hit a certain point, inventory gets harder and harder to find.

The former gives you the fastest means of selling your books, but the latter gives you more control over price and where your books go. Thank you for sharing. They besy accept over. You just need to enter the ISBN the digit number on the barcode that begins with of the book to get a quote.

Find out where to sell used books, whether online or in-person, to do the KonMari method, you may just go for a good ol' spring cleaning.
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Find the highest buyback prices

I would like to talk with someone about the possibilities of doing this before I jump into the process! You may not care for it at all but I appreciate this kind of input. Be sure sll include relevant articles as well, and you've written a review about it, than? More Info Okay. The offer you receive today may be reduced or non existent a couple of days later!

Whether you've got a collection of books that needs thinning or you've self-published your own book, there are plenty of ways to sell books. Do your best to get your books in perfect condition, do a bit of research, and you'll be well on your way to having cash in your pocket and books off your hands. To sell used books, try selling them online through websites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. Or, you can sell them in person to local used book stores, which buy used books and then sell them for a profit. Alternatively, if you're trying to get rid of a lot of books, you could try selling them at a garage sale.


You need an eye-catching and intriguing book title and subtitle. It is worth giving Amazon a shot. Sometimes you have to hunt for it a bit more, but typically not. Will it be individual products since there will be different books in a single carton or case packed.

Good read. They do have apps available for both Android and iPhone to help you scan books more quickly to determine which ones they're willing to buy and boks much they will offer for them. I want to get to them before they do. Which do I use to make a wise purchase to sell.

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  1. I wanted to know following. Try selling your books at a yard sale. AC April Carlquist Feb 7, After all.

  2. Great article. Maximum respect Dave. However, a quick perusal of Amazon and eBay listings will show you that plenty of people are still buying and selling used textbooks online. The truth is that I have never met anyone selling books online who makes money anywhere except Amazon.

  3. So that means you can buy books which are FBM and tend to ship media mail and turn around and resell them Prime at a higher price. This was my process back then in a nutshell. Do have you any experience with books in other languagues, I was thinking in spanish and french books! Hi Dr Bob, It depends.

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