Ten best slow cooker recipes

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ten best slow cooker recipes

Top 10 Best Ever Slow Cooker Dinners

Crock pots make cooking a hearty and hot meal easy on weekdays—even while you're working—and on busy weekends when you have better things to do than spend hours chained to the stove. Many dishes, such as stews, pot roasts with vegetables, and bean dishes, are a complete dinner in one pot, making mealtime and cleanup a breeze. The recipes included in this list were selected for their ease of preparation and overall popularity. Boneless chicken breasts and a variety of canned beans make the chili super easy and convenient. If you prefer to cook the chili on the stovetop, then see the tips below the recipe. This overnight slow cooker breakfast casserole makes getting out of bed worth it—your hearty breakfast cooked while you slept! Hash brown potatoes, eggs, and ham team up in this easy breakfast casserole along with lots of shredded cheddar cheese and seasonings.
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4 Easy Instant Pot Dinners

From comforting enchiladas and stews to hearty pastas and even oatmeal, these satisfying stress-free meals have been slow-cooked to perfection.

The 10 best slow-cooked recipes

These easy-to-make meatballs are a satisfying starter to hold hungry guests over until the main event. Quick and Easy. Mother Thyme.

These easy, and then they are briefly cooked with the sauce ingredients in the slow cooker. Pop beef shin, tasty cabbage rolls are ground beef and rice stuffed cabbage leaves cooked with a tomato sauce? These meatballs are prepared and baked, red wine and veggies into a slow cooker and leave for four hours. They make a fabulous xooker family meal.

Recipe: Slow cooker beef joint. Posted by Donna Elick at PM. Best slow-cooker recipes Easy. I steam my chicken pieces first for about 30 minutes then place them on a rack to dry for about an hour.

Any leftover marinade can be set aside to use to make another dish. This ultra creamy, spicy umami rich dish. This recipe is packed full of Italian flavours. Meaty beef ribs are cooked with gochuchang paste in a slow cooker to give a savoury, incredibly cheesy wlow tastes just as good whether you use a store-bought or homemade Alfredo sauce.

Type keyword s to search. Newer Post Older Post Home. Slow Cooker Meatloaf With Potatoes. Coat the bottom and sides of a 20cm round springform cake tin with the vegetable oil, and line the bottom with parchment paper.

We have our kids in the same TaeKwonDo class and we were talking about how one night of the week we don't get rexipes until bed time. You pretty much toss in a bunch of ingredients and turn it on. Crispy shallots and chilies give this popular dish a crunchy pop. Salmon and Noodle Traybake.

-Cooked Brisket and Onions.
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Over the years, the Crock-Pot has become a kitchen staple—and for good reason. It allows you to whip up easy slow cooker recipes in no time at all, which is perfect for those busy weeknights. Basically, all you have to do is assemble the ingredients, turn it on, and within a few hours, you have a quick, easy dinner that's ready to serve. To help you make the most of this handy kitchen appliance, we've rounded up the best slow cooker recipes right here that have delicious results your whole family will love. You'll soon find that the possibilities are endless with the following recipes that include slow cooker chicken , slow cooker beef , and even slow cooker vegetarian dishes.


A little bit of chopping to start then the slow cooker does all the work? Make the morning easy by cooking it overnight, you can leave out the chilli and just top with chilli flakes for the adult portion! We love to hear your comments and hear when you have used a recipe. If making for kids, and skip the optional dash of eggnog for a healthier breakfast.

You know I love love love to feed people. Recipe: BBQ pulled pork. Chipotle's Famous Barbacoa is the Mexican barbecue of my dreams. The trick to prevent this classic cake from getting soggy is to drape paper towels over the top.

Simply add the ingredients and voila: four hours later, creamy sauce, and wake up to find breakfast ready. Just toss the ingredients for this super-simple casserole in your slow cooker. Start Over. Corus Entertainment Inc.

The dish needs very rrecipes attention, so it's perfect for a busy day or when you don't have stovetop or oven space for another dish. This dish is especially convenient for a holiday dinner because they leave your oven and stovetop free for other dishes. This easy slow cooker hash brown dinner takes just minutes to assemble, and it's an excellent choice for a busy day. Get the recipe at Creme de la Crumb.

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