Best books on knife making

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best books on knife making

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By freebird , June 10, in Knife Making. As an added bonus, if you really have a question about this book you can always ask the good Dr. John T. If you are interested there is a knife making class in Northern CAl in July go to the coming events section of this forum. If you really want to make knifes these resources will save you time and money.
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KNIVES 2019, 39th Edition – The World’s Greatest Knife Book

This is a great product because three or four disc changes can be made before it needs to be renewed. Note the branch from a tree nest was used for a handle and the crude bolster to keep the handle from splitting. The trend today is towards using wood that has been stabilized. Bushclass I?

One slab had shrunk very little; the other three slabs had shrunk to varying degrees, and I had to replace three of the four handle slabs. Add to Wishlist Read an excerpt of this book. I'm hoping I can execute some blades as good looking as yours. This is a fantastic resource that provides more specific details makinng anvils than any other resource I have found both online and offline.

I find don robinsons books very informative. It really depends what kind of knife your making. In general i find youtube to be the best reference.
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KNIVES 2019, 39th Edition – The World’s Greatest Knife Book

Books for Knifemakers and Knife Enthusiasts

Thorough, clear, detailed instructions guide the reader through each step in making a knife. Generously illustrated, with photos and drawings on most pages, this book reads like a one-on-one workshop with a thoughtful teacher. The reader is led to develop his sense of artistry and to acquire practical skills for knife making and self sufficiency. Boye guides the beginning knife maker through the thinking processes necessary to make a knife; inspires confidence in the reader to begin at his own skill level, and shows how it can be done on a financial shoestring. Step by Step Knifemaking covers tools, setting up a shop, knife design, grinding, heat treating, polishing, sharpening, blade etching, sheath making, and more. This book can impel the reader to a personally satisfying, alternative backyard career, making his own useful knife art.

Knife Making Search In. An essential sourcebook offering reliable information on knives from all major manufacturers. Skip to content. Seeing as how many books aimed at beginners do not spend enough time on telling you where to go once you are done reading beginner books, I have tried to compile a list of books aimed at intermediate smiths? This gives it a nice balance between thoroughness and level of detail making it a perfect book for a new blacksmith.

The interest in making knives has in recent years sky rocketed with the popularity of Forged In Fire History Channel. For those of us in South Africa, access to the internet Youtube, forumn sites, Instagram has been a strong facilitating factor for growth in the craft within the country. For the more experienced knifemaker who starting making knifes way back in the day, the path to this knowledge and skills were hard to come by. Stories of traveling hours to the nearest knifemaker to spend a few days with them, where not uncommon and in many ways were the only way. Even with access to knifemakers all around the world, physical hands on experience is still on of the best teachers. Luckily there are more knifemakers around these days, so travel half way across the country, may not be necessary. Joining a local knifemaking club is a great way of meeting other makers, networking and learning technical skills.


Log in to leave a comment. Get ready to spend some time with a suave high-flying rhino, a lovesick elephant who knows her way around a kitchen and a seriously chivalrous tiger The material is kept in contact with the disc until it stops turning after the foot switch is turned off. A paper-cutting jig cuts a full sheet of sandpaper so that there is not so much waste!

I personally found it a bit vague on some of the details! The heat treatment will be considered a success when the blade is capable of doing the work expected of it. Posted June 11, It could be a one-stop place.

A 2-inch-byinch belt grinder, there were all the other cutting chores required for those living close to the land. And, which is the standard of the handmade maikng industry for many good reasons. A drawing can be scanned into a computer and then printed out to whatever size is wanted. These materials are waterproof, strong and dependable.

Any book by Jim Hrisoulas. This book provides many beautiful and elegant alternatives to modern day welding equipment. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are an excellent instructor in your break down and description.

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  1. History is on our side because it was simple working knives that got meat bedt the hoof and into the kettle. In addition to serving as a reference, these books act as a wonderful source of inspiration. Discover how relaxing and satisfying crafting can be. Two blades can often be forged from the same-sized piece of steel that would make only one full-tang stock-removal blade?👩‍👦

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