Best first lines in books

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best first lines in books

The 10 best first lines in fiction | Books | The Guardian

The first line of a book is a liminal space: the curtains drawing upwards, the author leading you by the hand forward into a story but also another world. A first line is a choice. Do you want to go further? Are the following lines and pages and chapters worth your time? When an author gets it right, though, the best first lines of books are not a choice at all, but a capturing. These are some of our favorite first lines of books, with explanations why they rank among the very best.
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How to Write the opening line and first five thousand words of a book

22 Of The Very Best First Lines Of Books

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Some of literature's most famous lines come to us within the first paragraphs of our favorite novels. They are the hooks onto which we latch, and the springboards that launch us further into the narrative. There's a reason these opening sentences make up some of the most quotable lines in literature—readers simply can't get them out of their heads. Take a look below to see some of our favorite famous first lines. While first impressions can be tough, these are the ones that won us over in just a single sentence. Set in the s, The Color Purple details the lives of women of color and their place in the social hierarchy. The protagonist, Celie, tells the story through a series of letters written to God and her sister, Nettie.

Joe Brainard wrote an entire book of first lines, each a miniature story unto itself and each beginning with the two booms of the title, dissertation. I need to have my journal article, together with his wife Emma and four friends of the faith from Randolph Juncti. Login Forgot your password. Hiram Cle. Latest Issue.

Latest Issue. Past Issues. When I interviewed Stephen King for the By Heart series , he told me about some of his favorite opening lines in literature. Then, the author had an off-the-cuff idea. Why not do it?


Maybe really my favorite first line is the first line of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Manw. Login Forgot your password. Mother died today. About Help Legal.

CelSlade 2 years ago I read the entire trilogy back to back over two days. He was so smart to put so much in the bank with that sentence. Sign Up. I remember I loved this book from the very first sentence.

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