Best books for female entrepreneurs 2018

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best books for female entrepreneurs 2018

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In a still male-dominated industry, with male-orientated language, these texts stand out as unique. When it comes to business books, I beg to differ. Whilst I did discover some gems, they were few and far between. Whilst imposter syndrome is a fact of life for most authors, women also seem more prone to it. As someone who juggles several different freelance roles, it was incredibly refreshing to finally see a business book defining this type of career, as opposed to rising the ranks in the workplace. Buy now.
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Arianna Huffington, so leave a comment: Click here to cancel reply. Voucher Codes. The perfect read for millennial women who want to break the mould. We'd love to hear your thoughts, Approx.

Melody Hossaini: This is the first and only boooks I have ever read. I loved it and bought it for my entire team. The book is broken into the four seasons, with a list for each week that causes you to really think mostly about the simple things in life. Tech executive and founder of Leanin.

The Working Woman’s Handbook by Phoebe Lovatt: £14.99, Prestell

Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs

This book does exactly that: it shares and highlights inspiring advice, happy, and life stories of women from a variety of car. This book by erikadnapo is mind blowing. Her posts focus on inspiring others to live healt. Cait Flanders. Best web design books recommended by professionals and entrepreneurs.

But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult. The National Federation of Small Businesses published the results of a study stating that by , more than a half of small businesses will be run by female entrepreneurs. But if every woman with ambition, passion and good ideas would have the courage to start their own business, how high could this number go? Ever since The CEO Library was started, we interviewed a lot of women who are so driven by passion, they took that leap of faith and decided to take business matters into their own hands. As we published interview after interview, we saw how passionately our curators talked about the books that inspired them and an idea came to mind: what if we gathered the reads that inspired these women entrepreneurs into one place?


Buy now! The one thing that successful female entrepreneurs have in common. Add these 23 women-penned titles to your reading list in plus 4 bonus titles from our own to-read lists :. The CEO Library uses cookies to enhance your experience.

Award-winning blogger Vicki Psarias set up honestmum. It is more critical than now than ever before that we be able to learn from customers and the current context of our business for adapting to new challenges! In the Company of Women is compendium of interviews with more than female entrepreneurd, and hot. I have passed on that book to so many women who struggle to find the balance.

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  1. Alison Alvarez: What I really took with me from the book were the descriptions of how she dealt with the stress of solitary confinement and eventually the Ravensbruck concentration camp. From feeling like a fraud to asking to get paid or for a couch to sleep on, this book is full of useful stories-even if you're not dressed as a seven foot tall bride asking strangers for money. The exercises have been created with the intent of pushing you to think differently, and to come up with new ways of looking situatio. It shows you the path to self-reconciliation and how to have positive thoughts that later transform into achievements in all aspects of life.

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