The best puerto rican coquito recipe

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the best puerto rican coquito recipe

Puerto Rican Coquito Recipe -

I make bottles of this every year and give away as gifts to friends and family. Bring a bottle of coquito to any holiday party and I am positive you will be invited back the next year. Like many traditional foods or drinks that coquito can trigger some passionate debate. The biggest debate regarding coquito is with or without egg yolk. Everyone that is familiar with coquito stands firmly in one camp. I am firmly in the no egg yolk camp.
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Coquito – Coconut Eggnog

Loved the rum raisins too. Thank you so much. If u like this one here; it is just a variation. Muchisima gracias por la receta, I just made your Coquito and it is amazing.

Thank you for sharing. Some people add nutella or pistachio flavor bezt a twist! I personally love this kefir from Green Valley Creamerywhich is what I used to replace the evaporated milk without compromising on that delicious creamy flavor? This recipe is easy and quick with no cooking required?

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And this particular Coquito recipe is extremely creamy and loaded with multiple types of coconut milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and rum! You can make this Puerto Rican Coquito recipe and store it for up to a month in the fridge, but good luck making it last that long! If you want the rum raisins, you will start by soaking the raisins in rum with cinnamon sticks in a jar. Then all we have to do is puree the rest of the ingredients together in a blender and let it all chill for at least 4 hours. The longer it sits, the better it gets. The flavors all meld together as it chills in the fridge and just becomes more delicious. Her father, who passed away a few years ago now, was an amazing cook and had so many secret family recipes.

I think they are a special touch. Coquito is a creamy coconut milk beverage native to Puerto Rico. Comments Thank you so much for posting this and your other recipes. I added rum with all other ingredients to blender. The coveted Puerto Rican "eggnog" is here.

The perfect coconut holiday cocktail to get you in the festive holiday spirit. This Puerto Rican Coquito recipe is a healthier twist on a classic Christmas cocktail celebrated throughout Puerto Rico during the holidays. Holiday cocktails are a fun way to get creative when celebrating the holiday season responsibly and often some of the best cocktails are those that have a long traditional history. When researching some of the most famous Christmas cocktails around the world, one of the most popular results that kept coming back to me was the traditional Puerto Rican Coquito, which if you have never experienced it before is a coconut-y twist on a classic eggnog. In Puerto Rico, Coquitos are the most popular Christmas cocktail enjoyed during the holidays and can be found in almost every home, bar, and restaurant.


For the vanilla make sure you use pure vanilla extract, was originally found in Puerto Rico. Servings: 8. If that sounds like too much start with 1 cup and add more to taste. The traditional Christmas drink, it does make a difference.

I must confess something to you. Definitely trying it this weekend. But the main ingredients of coquito are canned coconut milk and or evaporated milk, Puerto Rican r. Pour into small 6 oz.

Does anyone have a recipe for how your grandmother, or great grand mother made coquito. Sharing on Twitter. However, drinks similar to Coquito can be found all throughout the Caribbean. Gives it a nice crunch.

Absolute treat for vegans. If I use coconut rum should I still use coconut milk. It is a very thick, sweetened coconut milk with chunks of shredded coconut in it. My latino friends always bring the coquito but now i can make it for myself!.

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  1. Which one would be better. Do you think making it with a coconut flavored rum instead of traditional white rum would be too much coconut flavor. This is the best Coquito recipe! In Puerto Rico, b.

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