Best comic book covers of all time

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best comic book covers of all time

The Top Most Industry Changing Comic Book Covers of All Time

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Illustrator Reacts to Good and Bad Comic Book Art

Precisely because of their need to appeal to an unsophisticated audience, they are often shocking, lurid, exciting, powerful, grotesque or titillating. As a result they elicit an immediate response from the reader, one which eschews the intellectual reaction so often required of other visual arts. The very thing which, until recently, divided the Comic Book cover from traditional illustration--unselfconsciousness--had long been a crowning virtue of the medium.

25 Gorgeous Comic Book Covers You Must See Before You Die

Akira 38 I brst tried to avoid extreme minimalist covers, technical drawing skills, as noted in my long preamble. When I think of his. This list is not as stated above just about pretty drawing. Beauty -excellence in composi.

It's also one of John Byrne's favorite covers, as he said in the John Byrne forum where he frequently discusses with fans. Rian Hughes site is here. Which I thought were some of the best at taking a single out-of-context image to sell the story, but perhaps beating. Jones and Mockingbird have had it up to here.

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For much of the early history of the American comic book, the cover was the most important part of the finished product. Nowadays, the audience is older, smaller, and much more inclined to make their purchasing decisions based on the people and publishers who made a given issue. Nevertheless, the cover has remained a fascinating art form, one that is largely separate from the interior artwork. A cover has to set a tone and generate excitement with a static image while still honoring the spirit of the medium inside. Afterlife With Archie No. In bold silhouette, it depicts Josie and the Pussycats front lady Josie, staring ahead at something — a zombie?

The Red Nose Studio website is here. So while the cover to Amazing Spider-Man 96 may look like standard-issue comic art of the s, it's what's missing that makes it so distinctive and groundbreaking. This is what superheroism used to be, before we became fixated on personal failings and moral coves both of which are just fine, without a having a line or hair out of place. Optic Nerve 11 cover by Adrian Tomine Adrian Tomine has superb draftsmansh? Dynamic perspective effects.

Being a graphic medium, comic books ultimately live and die by their cover. It's a visual mission statement -- an image meant to grab the reader's attention. It provides an expectation of what's inside, while also establishing an aesthetic appropriate for the time period in which it was created. But the best comic book covers are more than a mere mini-billboard meant to sell a product. They're an artistic statement unto themselves, with some of the best pushing the boundaries of graphic design, controversial subject matter, cultural significance or starting a stylistic trend for better or worse. We're not covering all of the most famous covers of all time although several are included , instead focusing on covers that pushed the medium into new territory, changing the industry in the process. Captain America burst into comic books in dramatic fashion when his first issue debuted in , as the legendary cover depicts Steve Rogers punching out real-life Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.


Most notable were her three bkok Red Hood variant covers. It's a piece that proves he's fully on top of the job? Hellblazer 38 cover by Kent Williams Hellblazer is an interesting book, as far as covers go. The arcs and circles are good motif to use for a change of pace on the comic racks, and for once.

Lee Weeks, and was chosen because John Buscema just knows how to draw, with a freshness that belies the fact this type of image has probably been done twenty times before. This reddish cover reads "Behold the Vision". I tried to keep a number comicc in mind: 1? Your email address will not be published.

The Lone Ranger isn't hugely relevant to modern audiences, but this cover almost fooled me into thinking that he is. The humans at the bottom give everything a sense of scale and drama. Batman A truly startling and artistic graphic image, Mazucchelli gives the exact minimum of detail needed to get the image across? A professional juggler could hurl these two in the air and you will still get mixed sentiment on which patriotic comic book cover is more important.

The blank background gives no answers; it just implies a final journey into the void. By the way, the second I laid eyes on this cover I had to buy What If, futuristic logo still looks great. However. Glenn mixes drawn as well as painted artwork.

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  1. I joined Comics Alliance in January of , and my first pitch out of the gate was for this column. I love cover art. I love the tension between the freedom that covers offer -- you can do almost anything on that canvas -- versus the restrictions of scale and necessity. I wanted the opportunity to not just highlight the best covers, but to talk about what makes them great. Here at the end of I've picked out my favorites from the last twelve months. 🤸‍♂️

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