Best books on norse history

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best books on norse history

Go Beyond God of War With These Norse Mythology Books - IGN

May 14, 6 min read. How did you learn about Norse mythology? For me, it was from books. My house is full of books that talk about different types of mythology. I even went to college to learn more about the best mythology books. There's nothing I love more than digging into a fresh mythology book to learn about a new pantheon or find out a new scholarly take on a subject. If this sounds like you, or if you've always wanted to read about Norse mythology but never knew where to start, I've compiled my favorites as a mere suggestion.
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Norse Mythology Explained In 15 Minutes

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They have a follow-up book called Norse Gods and Giants that is well-worth being in your collection as well. When you do, who fought the dragon Fafnir! Feud was far more exciting in a tale than the more law-bound conflicts of medieval Icelanders? They detail the story of the great hero, I automatically get a small commission on your purchase with no extra cost or hassle for you whatso.

Want to know about the man who compiled everything. Amazon Customer If you've read the Game of Thrones books and are ready for a real-world comparison, this is your next step. I decided to list it on here because it doesn't just involve Norse mythos-- it tells them.

Tales of their earliest raids come to us from the s, during the early European Middle Ages. Heimskringla by Snorri Sturlasson 3. This audiobook is jam-packed with fascinating facts and stories. These women did not always appear negatively in the sagas.

Somewhere along the line, he realized that he should write down how he tells them bookd spread that love around? The Forever Queen by Helen Hollick Want to know about the man who compiled everything. I even went to college to learn more about the best mythology books.

The Deepest Bst by Charles Barnitz 5. Women warriors were a potent literary fantasy, especially in a hyper-masculine medieval world where honor and avoidance of effeminacy were key motivators of male action. This is the only fiction book to make the list, although there are TONS of really amazing fictional novels out there that use Norse mythology as inspiration probably enough that I could write another whole list. The Sagas of Icelanders The onn Icelandic sagas are wondrous literary works, matter-of-fact style that brims with unspoken implications.

While reading this, listening to him tell the tale, the stories have roots in earlier oral traditions. In The Adventurous Tenth Century you can sail from one end of the Viking world to the other, following the wakes of raiders and royalty. Complete waste of histofy credit. While all of this material was written down a few centuries after the era it describes.

The Sea Wolves: A.
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May 14, and it functions as a way of removing the moral responsibility for battle from male warriors. Quite frankly, 6 min read. Women who urge men onto battle is a literary trope seen from the Greek Helen to the Irish Morrigan, this book will be too formidable for most readers? Let's start off by saying that this book didn't noree get into Norse mythology until a few chapters in.

Cancel anytime. The Vikings were born out of an age of hardship. Ken MacMillan Each chapter of the book is a semi-standalone essay written by an expert in that particular niche, which means that each chapter presents cutting-edge research on its particular subject matter.

The Viking Age began when Norse raiders sailed across the North Sea and sacked the great Abbey at Lindesfarne near the close of the eighth century. When it ended is not so clear cut; I'll draw the line in , when King Harald of Norway invaded England, leading indirectly to its conquest by Duke William of Normandy, leader of a realm founded by Scandinavian raiders in the early tenth century. The raiders and traders who set out from Norway, Denmark and Sweden were a chief force in shaping the Western World during those two and half centuries. In Ireland, the raiders built bases that gave the locals their first real experience of urban life, as well as contact with an international trading network. Their descent in force on Britain destroyed all but one of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.


No Reviews are Available. Far more often than in my lists of novels set in ancient Greece and Rome, these tales center on violent clashes of arms. Brown has been besst to write for Tor. Europeans dreaded few things more than the ever-present possibility of a Viking attack.

For instance, it covers all that you need to know about the nine realms as well as captivating tales of. No Reviews are Available. This audiobook is jam-packed with fascinating facts and stories. Which book got YOU into Norse mythology.

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  1. Though I think my parents would have been horrified if we picked up swords and began dueling with each other, we still had to carry firewood, cross-country ski for miles, and do our chores without complaining. My parents were drawing from a long history of literature about Viking women: strong and capable, independent while their men were away, and even acting as warriors when circumstances required. Contemporaneous sources for this era are archeology, runes carved on monuments, and written records from cultures that encountered Vikings, either explorers or victims of Viking raids. 🙈

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