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huawei matebook x pro linux

New Linux powered Huawei Matebook series goes on sale

Huawei is selling three models of MateBook systems with Deepin Linux preinstalled, available at the company's Chinese shopping site. Despite the trade blacklisting of Huawei by the US government , the Chinese electronics giant's notebook division is plugging along, despite reports of component order cancellations in June , prompting concern they could exit the PC OEM market. Deepin is a Chinese-domestic distribution, with their own desktop environment—appropriately also called Deepin—called " the single most beautiful desktop on the market " by TechRepublic's Jack Wallen. This pricing should be considered tentative, as the products are listed on VMALL, though only allow users to be notified when they are in stock. It is possible that Huawei may lose the ability to purchase Windows licenses from Microsoft due to their placement on the "entity list," restricting companies dealing in US-origin technology from conducting business with Huawei, constituting an effective blacklisting by the US government.
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Published 12.05.2019

Ubuntu Linux on Huawei Matebook X Pro, SanDisk Flashback Review, 2019 Headphone Predictions!

Huawei MateBook X Pro Linux Edition

I have the i7 version in case this is somehow relevant. Was wondering if there is a similar issue on the matebook x pro. Marcellus Wallace. A prominent player in the telecom sector, Huawei has been marred with controversy.

Ubuntu users can use Ubuntu. Sign in Sign up. I have tried installing the fingerprint-pol package and it does not recognize the sensor. I can't stand Windows 10 interface, and this bundled together actually does look like a slick combo.

Often the objection is the license, tries to be all things to all. Since BIOS v1. I wish the fingerprint reader worked and that Google would prro the chrome issues in Ubuntu but other than that it screams. I've been using Matebook X Pro for 11 months Windows and so far I am super happy with the experience.

The power button doubles as a fingerprint reader and Bluetooth 4. Latest commit f Dec 28, Skip to content. First time I install linux so I have zero special knowledge.

Both are based on a dirty hack, and the proper solution is using Huawei-WMI driver. Shell Huawei-WMI device driver fully supports Matebook 13, including settings for battery protection, and still doesn't get too hot. That's a serious amount if current for that form factor especially compared to other laptops .

Front Camera. Not once have I noticed them during daily usage. And yes, zoom and select with the tip of your finger.

r/MatebookXPro: A subreddit dedicated to Huawei MateBook laptops. The Matebook X pro has become my main workstation laptop for my job as a Linux.
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Close dialog. Please log in again. Eternal gratiude and enormous thanks to Ayman Bagabas for single-handedly developing Huawei-WMI driver and sharing tons of useful information. That seems to be the right trigger for matebook pro to get started.

Dec 27, Benjamin Cohen. It's also not like these Chinese companies are pushing the companies you call original and innovative to slash their prices by stealing their customer base: Apple fans still buy and defend Apple no matter how bad some of their hardware "innovations" backfire. Almost entirely for Linux support.

In this case you don't need sudo to set thresholds. Dis the same murrica governed by trump. Earphone Port 3. Fn-Lock Behaviour of the top row of keys on MateBook 13 is somewhat complex.

Approaching if not matching Apple fit and finish. Soundcard Sound generally works OK out of the box, the only thing not working is headphones autodetection i. Dolby does an excellent job enhancing sound and it is unavailable on linux. I have the i7 version in case this is somehow relevant.

Without the above, Void cannot exist. As an example, one can generate static binaries for GNU tar and just use them on an android bionic device. Finally, Void-linux ships with the xbps-uunshare utility as standard and allows a regular user to launch an unprivileged container with any distribution like debian, ubuntu, etc. Using Firefox on Windows appeals to me, even if Windows is closed source. MatekCopatek 88 days ago. I can share similarly positive experience with the exact same model.

Apr 6. Latest commit f Dec 28. Apple has a long history of crushing small suppliers to their own advantage so it's not like their hands are clean in all of this. The first week I worked remotely and the latter two were holiday.

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Both come with Microsoft Windows 10 and there initially was no information at all concerning Linux support.


Load Rest of Comments. The touchscreen works too… for the most part. The script depends on ioport available as package in Debian and needs to be run as root: sudo batpro [help status off home office travel] The first three options are self-explanatory. I got mine June 6 and installed the latest Ubuntu by pressing f12 and had no issue at all.

There is a model but it has not been released in Australia. The first three options are self-explanatory. I don't care about the ethics. Both the good and the bad, honest reviews like this one.

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