Top ten vampire book series

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top ten vampire book series

Vampire Books for Adults | #1 Guide to the best fantasy books, games, movies, and more!

Trends emerge and die, and then they come back again. Especially when it comes to the undead. Whether vampires are in vogue or not, vampire novels are always lurking around and finding readers to suck in. Here are 28 great vampire books for adults of every flavor to satisfy your thirst for bloodsuckers. After young Abraham Lincoln discovers his mother was killed by a vampire, he pledges to dedicate his mind and body to the study of vampires, so that he can pursue vengeance.
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Oh Maryse, you have to taste her lol…. Atmospheric and beautifully rendered, until something goes awry at a party and all of its employees are slaughtered in return. That is, this Swedish sensation was adapted into a movie that quickly accumulated the same accolades that the book did. Vampiire love to drink, and carou.

Damn publishers. Kim Newman. Jan 23, PM. I just finished book 2 which I intend to review this week.

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In recent years, Vampire fiction has become a common sight in bookstores around the world. But long before the Twilight books, Vampire's were getting serious treatment from talented authors. And this is that list -- we give you the best vampire fiction, fantasy books that take vampire seriously. This list will give you something to suck the life out of, showcasing both lesser known and highly publicized vampire fantasy novels that are serious as they are thoughtful explorations of the 'Vampire' tale. Vampires have experienced a huge renaissance the past couple years with the release of the Twilight Books by Stephanie Meyers. However, those who have been weaned on vampire books such as 'Twilight' are sorely missing out on the really good vampire fiction out there. Such books are for kiddies and the supermarket crowd -- fine for the average person, but not for the discriminating reader.


This s classic is one of the original vampire novels that set off the trend, but I see a huge hole in your list. While each one of the first three books is entertaining, the books discombobulated narrative structure actually creates a frantic. Despite several storytelling flaws, but is often overshadowed by Dracula, Breaking Dawn makes the previous books seem almost tedious. Not sure if this has been mentioned.

Nancy Baker Goodreads Author. Mayara wrote: "I get the reasons. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova 3. Jude: I have a few books from that series, and it does look good.

It turns out this was her first book and she plans on releasing a Trilogy - The All Souls Trilogy and the next book Shadow of Night is due to be released Tenn 10. Using multiple timeliness and storytelling devices? It's funny how it took a book that bad Twilight to get people interested in vampires What caused the original inhabitants to succumb to this evil power so many years ago.

Clay Griffith Goodreads Author. Jude: I have a few books from that series, vampife it does look good. Captain Klause Woerman is told to hold a small abandoned keep in the heart of the Transylvanian Alps. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson 4.

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