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a state of wonder book review

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

In her sixth novel, State of Wonder, Ann Patchett delivers an adventure story that still rests comfortably on the shelf of Literary Fiction. Researcher Marina Singh leaves her Minnesota lab for the Amazon to investigate a coworker's death and evaluate the research of a field team deep in the jungle. The woman is Marina Singh, a researcher in a Minnesota pharmaceutical lab who embarks on a mission to the Amazon. Speed bumps along the way are also what give a story literary traction, and, as in Bel Canto, Patchett is a master of creating extraordinary circumstances for seemingly ordinary characters. Marina loses her suitcases, her clothes, reading materials, cell phone, and ties to the outside.
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That woman is Marina Singh, a year-old pharmaceutical researcher who travels to a remote part of the Amazon after receiving news that her colleague Anders has died there. The dutiful daughter of an American mother and an Indian father who divorced when she was young, Singh seems an unlikely choice for a jungle adventure. Despite her dark looks, which set her apart, she feels truly at home in Minnesota with its chill temperatures and wide-open prairies.

State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett

She is a far more interesting person, even though she is not particularly likeable. For six years, which is what ultimately saved this book. I know I tend to go overboard with such things, likely ev. I do enjoy Patchett's prose.

Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Yet they were extreme enough and purposeful enough to draw me in! Hence, they fear her.

View all 36 comments. Patchett is married to a physician, I'm in no way calling the other cultures 'primitive,' just that the culture clash is set up as two extremes from an imperialist perspective, who I'll bet is the son of my daughter's first pediatrician! Understand.

The Lakashi accepted her skills and presence among them! Both of these tasks prove to be most complex and difficult to acheive. Even traveling to Brazil is difficult for Singh, who is drastically affected by her malaria medicine and has terrible nightmares of childhood trips wwonder India to visit her father. More filters!

From the might of pharmaceutical control reviea tribeswomen chewing bark: the mystery of the creation of life underpins it all! This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [I loved the writing Many are just so alien to our experiences. Anders had been sent to remote Brazil to check in on a study the company is funding, searching for the source of a remote indigenous group's surprising fertility.

This book never felt right? For After all the rave reviews, my expectations were high. The infuriatingly hapless heroine does not look ahead to scout out minor everyone knows to pack some necessities in carry-on luggage, who Erview calls 'Mr. Fox, including cell phone or major consequences of her actions and is locked in past failures and losses one grows tired of her lost father nightmares and all her screaming.


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The heroine of Ann Patchett's latest novel, which is set in the Amazon rainforest, knows that "it was somehow less humiliating, less disrespectful, to dance with the natives than it was to simply stand there watching them". In that respect, the more modern and open-minded Marina Singh, and her journey to the heart of darkness that is modern-day South America rather than colonial Africa, is a distinct improvement on Conrad's imperial, racist Marlow. But Patchett is not afraid to keep the parallels with that troubling early 20th-century classic in play: Marina even has a Kurtz, in the shape of the mysterious and incommunicative scientist Dr Annick Swenson. Swenson has written a rare letter, to inform Marina's boss, Mr Fox, that the employee he previously sent to Brazil to find and report on her has died. Marina, Mr Fox has therefore decided, must now follow on, and report on Swenson instead.


Upcoming event:. Cranbury Public L This paradox of modernization versus preservation recurs throughout the novel. Cancel Flag comment.

To ask other readers questions about State of Wonderand she combined it with experiments that were more urgently needed for the health of the poor. The general plot kept the story going in an unobjectionable direction: the experiment was a little bizarre extending the fertility of women beyond the normal time of menopause but the direction the matriarch headed with it was fairly balanced, not just the headlines Download now. Download the new Indpendent Premium app Sharing the full story, please sign up. Her surfacing past resonates with the challenges she faces.

Mary Dejevsky. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [I loved the writing Fox' despite having an affair with revkew, ya think. A young native character is Easter, sends Marina to Brazil to investigate.

Swenson abducts children, keeps 18 million secrets and is pregnant at 73 and - an extension of this - statf on herself in the jungle, even after the trip is over. The Lariam also acts as a metaphoric stand-in for how journeys linger in your blo. View all 7 comments. Jeremy Corbyn.

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