An oriental odyssey novel by miao juan

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an oriental odyssey novel by miao juan

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I admit that I did have a few reservations about it, but I was left with nothing but amazement. She totally drew me in with her badass attitude! Janice Wu has definitely stepped up from her usual portrayal of the cute and adorable girl into a more mature and grownup heroine. Why did I start watching this? On the other hand, Janice Wu is the more experienced one having starred in many dramas as either a supporting lead or the actual female lead. Plot The backstory of the drama starts off with a brief overview of an ancient artifact called the Nine Divine Beads. The beads were created by the Goddess Nuwa to stop a war between the nine tribes.
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An Oriental Odyssey - EP43 - Emotional Wedding Night [Eng Sub]

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An Oriental Odyssey

But when he proves to have superhuman strength abilities, they immediately take him in as a slave and force him to do hard labor. Notify me oyssey new posts via email. Eventually the case gets solved and the second female lead reveals herself. Dec 9, 41 of 50 episodes seen.

Kiki Dong Ming Hui. You are commenting using your WordPress. And, she does so without failing! I am happy with the pace and story so far.

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After all, the best remedy is a new drama! The sizzling chemistry between Wu Qian, who plays female lead Ye Yuan An, and Zhang Yu Jian, who stars as the second male lead Zhao Lan Zhi, caused serious second lead syndrome for many fans of this fantasy tale adapted from a novel by Miao Juan. Since Lan Zhi is a constable and Yuan An the super curious and courageous daughter of a government official, the badass trio solves many cases together. Watch Now. This modern fantasy drama was immensely popular when it aired back in and Wu Qian is absolute comedic gold in it! Ruo Chen believes Zhe Hai betrayed him two years ago and has since turned into a cold person.

Eventually, Lan Zhi is able to figure out that Yuan An was the one who broke into the jail. But you can see that with a beginning like this, see here: Cookie Poli. Take Your Mark. To find out mo? Soompi Spotlight.

Based off Miao Juan's novel. Yuan An takes Mu Le in as a family servant, and the latter swears his loyalty to her. Along with Zhao Lan Zhi, a constable, the trio solve cases after cases together. But what is Mu Le's true identity? Edit Translation.


Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Write Review. Release Date: October 18, Tencent two episodes every Thursday to Saturday at 8pm? Overall 8.

In doing so, the beads were supposed to be kept safely locked away. Name required. Browse By Year Dramas Web Dramas Movies So I now slow down and wait to watch it on Viki.

Patiently waiting for season 2! Actually I regretted it because then I have to the whole one week before I can continue with Tian Qiao becomes a revered master for managing to protect the body of Tang San Monk while Tian Shu is labelled a traitor and becomes a wanted man. A few years later which is where the actual story starts orientwl An unknown man is discovered by some drug lords.

Edit Translation. I watched the entire season up to Notify me of new posts via email. No comments:.

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  1. The Magical Nights of Glorious Tang (An Oriental Odyssey) 盛唐幻夜 by Miao Juan. Posted by Peanuts. In the flourishing Tang dynasty.

  2. Y they ended like this. Everything was good before the end like minghui and the male was alive but end spoil all. There was an English movie in which if we kills the bad person good person will also die. Given the title, expect a story with elements taken from Journey to the West. The story begins after the death of the Tang San Monk. 😴

  3. Although he is able to arrest some smugglers, he quickly realizes odyssy there are more powerful forces that are involved in the case. Zhang Yu Jian Main Cast. Channel Manager. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.💁

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