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le dragon rouge book pdf

The Grand Grimorie With The Great Clavicle Of Solomon by Solomonic Grimoires

The Grand Grimoire is a black magic [1] grimoire. Different editions date the book to , or , but it was probably written in the early 19th century. The work is divided into two books. The Sanctum Regnum contain instructions for making a pact with the demon, allowing one to command the spirit without the tools required in book one, but at greater risk. Secrets contains simpler spells and rituals one can employ after having performed the ritual in the first book. The book describes several demons as well as the rituals to summon them in order to make a pact with them. It also details several spells for winning the lottery, talking to spirits, being loved by a girl, making oneself invisible, etc.
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The Gospel of Satan: Grand Grimoire is One of the Creepiest Medieval Manuscripts Out There!

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According to legend, it was written by an apocryphal figure by the name of Honorius of Thebes, who is claimed to have been possessed by Satan himself. The Grand Grimoire is said to be one of the most potent occult books in existence, and contains instructions for the summoning of demons. This grimoire is often said to have been written during the 16 th century. The original Grand Grimoire or a copy of the original , however, is said to be kept today in the Vatican Secret Archives, and is not currently available to the public. Over time, however, the meaning of this term evolved, and eventually became associated with the occult. Therefore, the word grimoire is today the name given to the textbooks used in the occult. The contents of such grimoires normally provide its user with instructions for the creation of magical amulets and talismans, instructions for the casting of magic spells, and even rituals for the summoning of supernatural beings, such as angels and demons.


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  2. Below is a selection of free texts on Obeah. All are in the public domain and are free to download. Many are used in our Obeah Courses. This is just a brief selection of Obeah and merely touches the surface. Many texts are instructional, or grimoires, which explain in detail how to perform rituals and spells. 🤚

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