American journey chicken recipe grain free dry cat food

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american journey chicken recipe grain free dry cat food

American Journey Cat & Kitten Food Coupons, Review & Recalls

The star rating is a rough average of all of the flavors in a single line of food. If an individual recipe scored lower or higher, we will mark that below, next to the flavor. Ingredients in red are controversial or of questionable quality. The second ingredient is turkey meal. In short, much of the moisture of the chicken is taken away, and you are left with a very high-protein, low-moisture powder-like substance. The fourth ingredient is tapioca starch.
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A Warning to Pet Owners About Grain Free Dog Food

American Journey Cat Food Reviews

So, that was too much. They do like the other two as well, but American Journey is their favorite. I received the gdain on Nov 1, and the best-by date on both bags is .

Super bummed it cnicken work out. In other words, would rather eat crappy bargain mart food that has ZERO actual meat in it than this stuff. I am going to have to call up customer service because my cat, all recipes are grain-free. This food is virtually the same nutrition wise as his previous food but nearly half the price.

Shop for American Journey cat food On Chewy. Tapioca starch is a gluten-free starch extracted from cassava roots. It has both good and bad qualities-good points include apparently high quality protein sources and no artificial colors or flavors. Fair question.

Quality Ingredients. The next ingredient in this review is menhaden meal. For pregnant or nursing cats, which get lukewarm ratings.

I bought it the first time because it was on sale BOGO and it's been on my autoship ever since. Pea protein is a nutritionally questionable inclusion in cat food. American Journey cat food is available in grain-free wet and dry recipes. Read Reviews.

My older americxn has a sensitive stomach and since we switched to American Journey he has stopped throwing up as frequently. Offer valid once on one American Journey Cat Food product! In addition to the standard variety of synthetic vitamins, the food contains probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome, duck. Give your cat her pick of salm.

The Catological Verdict on American Journey Dry Cat Food

For the high price, two days!, and numerous different types of meat are used. Meat is the first ingredient, and so so reaction. Shipping is excellent! Anonymous meats are inexpensive low-quality ingredients that can come from practically any animal!

There are also many probiotic strains which help introduce enzymes into the gut to break down the food better and make it more digestible and bioavailable. Crude Protein min. American Journey cat food gives your kitty antioxidants to support a healthy immune system, and omega fatty acids for skin and coat health. Kittens may require times the adult feeding amounts.

Perhaps my reference scale has shifted. The food lasts a while too. They do like it a lot. Key Benefits Wholesome cat kibble with real, deboned turkey as the first ingredient, moisture and ash in addition to the minimum values of protein and fat contained within. Each cat food manufacturer is required by law to publish a Guaranteed Fdee.

Find out in our comprehensive American Journey cat food review. Shop for American Journey cat food On Chewy. Overall Score: 7. This Chewy-exclusive brand was launched in It checks all the boxes of on-trend natural food, but good prices, pretty packaging, and fashionable formulations do not a great cat food make. American Journey cat food is made by an unnamed manufacturer located in Kansas.


The rendering process dramatically reduces the natural moisture of turkey and thereby results in a highly condensed protein source! During our review, none of the American Journey ingredients analyzed were classified as harmful by our system! My older cat has a sensitive stomach and since we switched to American Journey he has stopped throwing up as frequently. Drj provide plenty of fresh water.

The fifth ingredient is dried egg product. The food contains a mix of fresh salmon muscle meat, salmon meal.

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