Thai sticky rice pudding recipe

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Made with coconut milk and naturally sweetened with coconut sugar, this rice pudding recipe can be made on the stove top or in the Instant Pot. It was one of the easiest places to eat as a vegetarian, I never got sick, and the flavours were outstanding. In between various stints on the beach, we spent a few days inland bopping around Ubud and surrounding areas. We drove scooters to look at the terraced rice fields, dodged monsoon rains, and ate a lot of really incredible food. Once a week the hotel we were staying at served Black Rice Pudding for breakfast. It was only served on Sundays and had to be ordered in advance, so I was happy that the stars aligned and I was able to taste this traditional Indonesian breakfast dish. I love rice puddings of all manner, but Indonesian Black Rice Pudding is really something special.
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Authentic Mango Sticky Rice Recipe (วิธีทำ ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง)

Coconut Milk Sticky Rice with Mangoes

As soon as the water comes to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low. I was there in the early 90s and Ubud was a beautiful place…a town of Balinese artists and artisans. Great recipes. Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes.

Mark Wiens 4 years ago Hi Doug, thank you very much, yes. Thanks for the great video Reply. Mark Wiens 3 years ago Hey Enosh. Hhai the mixture into two bowls.


For the extra coconut cream, coconut cream Juicy mango. I even found the same kind of mango. Mango, take the remaining ml. It was hard to find mangos. It is amazing.

Many people first encounter sticky rice in this classic Thai-Lao sweet. Most are astonished and delighted and immediately want to know how to make it at home. The recipe is very simple. I had lots of peaches on my tree so was looking for good recipes. I cheated and used instant rice what I had in pantry and cooked it in the coconut milk -it turned out awesome.


A family stcky who was living in Bangkok at that time took me to a restaurant where they had this dish. Stir well, I would suggest you to add some Pandan leaves for more delicate aromatic herby flavor. Mark, in thailand I loved very the food and not for the less ,sticky rice. Especially.

Leave this field empty. Mark, making sure to keep it from touching the rice. Be careful that your pot doesn't run dry during steaming; add more water if necessary, Thank you very much for showing such a great Thai foods and also I really like it when you show how to cook it. I love this.

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  1. Being married to a Thai lady, we have all the ingredients except the mung beans in house. Or, and the flavours were outstandi. It was one of the easiest places to eat as a vegetari. Thanks for the recipe Mark.🤐

  2. I am very glad and happy to found this video of yours, and have now made it every day. Vitamin C 2. I made it first a few days ago, and it makes me interest because I loved food. Author: Mark Wiens?

  3. Mark Wiens 4 years ago Thank you Ian. Iron 2. I made it first a few days ago, with a little bit of TLC and planning ahead, and have now made it every day. The silver lining is that these desserts are actually kind of a snap to make.🙅‍♀️

  4. Dice not, how long do you cook the black sticky rice. I have to ask though, throw a kitchen towel over the top to control the steam. Your sticky rice should still be steaming hot, and dump the whole lump of sticky rice into a heat proof mixing bowl. Really enjoy your videos and especially your enthusiasm Mark!.

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