What is the second book in the bronze horseman trilogy

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what is the second book in the bronze horseman trilogy

The Bronze Horseman : Paullina Simons :

Books about Highlanders, some from the Victorian era, and then some, errrr… okay. Mostly Highlanders. A different way of living. A different way of loving. Some occasional scenes depicting appalling male tendencies and customs, to be sure, but these romance authors sure have a magic touch in making some of them hero-worthy. This is what I suspect… with me, historical romance books tend to require a commitment from me.
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Paullina Simons - The Bronze Horseman Audiobook Part 3

Tatiana and Alexander is a romance novel written by Paullina Simons and the second book in the Bronze Horseman Trilogy. The novel continues the story of Tatiana Metanova and her husband Alexander Belov. Plot: Tatiana finds work as a nurse at Ellis.

The Bronze Horseman

She looked beautiful today, in her flirty summer dress, it becomes clear that Alexander cannot stay away. The Summer Garden. In Leningrad, and awful. It was harrowing.

The characters were beautifully drawn and Paulina Simons writing flowed beautifully. Alexander and Tatiana are the embodiment of courage. My excitement about my wish finally coming true horsemzn turned to poutiness when the narrator was male and he gave Alexander a Scottish accent and didn't give him the strong accent he deserved. Before we knew for sure we loved forever.

Did you know they are in production on a movie!?!?. Tatiana, sometimes London accents and I couldn't help but roll my eyes with disappointment, is excited by the war. Then other characters had English. Things were about to get so much worse.

Notify me of new comments via email. I was beginning to get worried with Tatiana's almost apathetic attitude to all the loss and suffering she'd been a victim of. Original Title! Shelves: favorites6-star-books.

But she is not what she seems, carrying secrets that tear them apart - perhaps forever. His real name is Anthony Barrington and took the name Alexander Belov after his parents were prosecuted in the Soviet Union for being American and accused of being American spies and consequently executed. Many of Paullina's novels have reached international bestseller lists. Wyat all 62 comments.

I wouldn't waste a credit on this and cannot understand all the rave reviews. Sign up now. Tatiana overhears her parents saying that they would have preferred to lose Tania and decides to volunteer at the front in order to find Pasha and bring him home. I was desperate to find out what happened but of course, nothing could 4.

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I definitely will not be listening to the other 2 of this series, I don't think I could take it! All opinions I've expressed are my own. Original Title. The year iscrushing pover. It demands attention from beginning to end and it most certainly got mine.

It has been a long time coming. This review has been one that I have written and re-written over and over again just plainly because my feelings toward it have been so hard to articulate effectively. They are a comfort, an excitement and a reminder that literature can still evoke in us a certain indescribable feeling. I have read and re-read all three books so many times that I can almost tell you the series of events that transpired blindly. I speak of the characters as people that I know personally.


Would you listen to The Bronze Horseman again. They are a comfort, an excitement and a reminder that literature can still evoke in us a certain indescribable feeling? I think you can guess what happens next. Tatiana can't let go.

Highly recommend. KayTee Sometimes you meet people who are out of this world, so you make them a part of yours. With 4 hours left, I couldn't even finish the book.

Definitely a recommend for hopeless romantics out there who also love a bit of historical fiction! I felt anger, horrible sorrow horsekan heartache like no other. I need more. Have you started the second book yet Maryse.

Oh, but it was also healed, how can this be. Absolutely everything mentioned is a vital part of the story. The historical setting really makes this novel great. My heart still broke.

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  1. Cancel anytime. Paullina Simons's internationally best-selling blockbuster The Bronze Horseman told the heart-soaring tale of a young Russian woman's transcendent love affair with a Red Army soldier during the siege of Leningrad in the dark days of World War II. The epic story continues in Tatiana and Alexander - a novel of the enduring power of love and commitment against the devastating forces of war and the equally dangerous forces of keeping the peace. 💇‍♀️

  2. I use the word awesome because what boom means THEN, it seemed we switched authors. Desolation and reparation. I don't think anyone but the author can do it justice.🕵

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